Island Grown Agricultural NetworkFood & Farms in San Juan County

What do you know about the food you and your family eat?

Do you know…

Who grew it?
Where it was grown?
How it was grown?
When it was harvested?

Good Reasons to Join Island Grown:

  • Island Grown food is fresher and tastes better.
  • Thriving farms strengthen and diversify the San Juan County economy.
  • Island Grown promotes a sustainable local food system in San Juan County.
  • Buying Island Grown conserves oil and reduces carbon pollution.
  • Sustainably managed farms help protect our rural island environment.
  • Supporting Island Grown helps build and invest in our local community.
  • Small, diverse farms help protect our unique island pastoral heritage.
  • Small family farms are a living demonstration of healthy values for our children.
  • Local investment in Island Grown inspires innovation and commitment in support of a healthy future based on a sustainable food system.