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Harvest of the Month!

Cucumbers are September’s Harvest of The Month item –the perfect way to enjoy what’s local and in season!
September is Eat Local Month! This month cucumbers are being harvested all over San Juan County. Pick up a bunch from your farmers market, farm stands and food co-ops.
Not sure what to do with all those cucumbers? Dip ‘em, slice ‘em and dice ‘em!  Here are some fresh new recipes to try!  Make it a point to support local growers, and find local cucumbers this week!


It’s September Eat Local Month, the time our community comes together to celebrate the incredible foods of our region and the people who grow and prepare them.

Eating local is a powerful way to support the community you love!  It is a choice that:
  • Supports local farms and food businesses that go above and beyond to take care of our local environment and community
  • Helps preserve farmland
  • Boosts our local economy! Local businesses invest 3x more money back into our local economy
  • Enhances local democracy! Decision making within our stays local, as employees and businesses that want to implement sustainability practices actually can.
  • Nurtures community health! Local food is the freshest, most nutrient packed food to be found.  Plus, it is grown by locals who care about their neighbor’s food and environmental safety.
  • Creates food security.  Buying local food ensures us the ability to provide for our region!
To get all the Eat Local Month details, and learn about cool events that are taking place visit